The Next Generation
Our Bear x Belle Girls
(WTCH Bonito Azul Stock Market x WTCH Tex-Star Saved By The Belle RDX)
Rex's Stock Dividend CGC "Bullet"
OFA Good, eyes checked clear
Mat and Bullet
the best of Buds since Bullet was born December 23,1994

Feb 1995                   Sept
Bullet is Mat's 4-H dog. They compete in Showmanship, obedience and agility.
With their Blue Ribbon placings in Showmanship and obedience at the 1999 Dakota County Fair, they qualified for the 1999 Minnesota Regional Dog Show.
Mat's Reserve Champion in Showmanship and blue placing in Obedience at the 2000 Dakota County Fair, once again qualified them for the 2000 4-H Regional Dog Show.

Our First Homebred Working Trail Champion!!
WTCH Rex's Livin' On A Prayer  "Bonnie"
OFA Good, eyes checked yearly
Bonnie followed in her parents paw prints finishing her WTCH easily.
After being away from the trial arena for 2 1/2 years, I decided she needed to finish her WTCH, she only needed one cattle and one duck score. I had never handled Bonnie before or even trialed before, but Bonnie was up for the Challenge. Even though I forgot everything I was told to do and used some very unique commands, Bonnie still pulled of a qualifing score in Cattle!! With a score of 97. Believe me it was all the Bonnie, with a better handler she would have done much better. It took 3 tries to finish her ducks, She had never had a non-qualifing scores in ducks before I got hold of her. We did put it all together on our 3rd try and finished her WTCH with High Score Aussie.
She finished all her sheep title with only one non-qualifing score, cattle with 2 non-qualifing scores and her duck titles through OTD with ALL qualifing scores.

The other Girls
Rex's WannabeaBelle "BEA"
(Rex's Exodus of Pincie Creek x WTCH Rex's Livin' On A Prayer)
February 20, 2000
Red Merle w/white, 1 blue eye, 1 brown

Rex's IzzaBelle " Izzy"
Rex's Exodus of Pincie Creek x WTCH Rex's Livin' On A Prayer)
February 20 ,2000
Red Merle w/white, 2 blue eyes

Rex Australian Shepherds
Carey, Leslie and Mathias Rechtzigel
Available to approved home
Mat's new 4-H dog and Bullet's Baby
Rex's Blue Blaze "Sapphire"
(Rex's Exodus OF Pincie Creek x Rex's Stock Dividend CGC)
July 16th 2001
Blue Merle w/white, 2 blue eyes
Rex's Fire & Ice STCs,d
(WTCH Westwind's Levi X Rex's Isabelle)
Red Bi
Oct 9th 2004