The Boys
Rex's Exodus of Pincie Creek "Moses"
(Hall of Fame Bearfoots Red Man Chew Rossy x Peters Ranch Like A Rocket)
Decemeber 7, 1997
OFA Good, eyes checked clear
Red Merle w/white, 2 blue eyes

Available to approved home
WTCH Rex's Archangel  PATDs,c"Archie"
(Rex's Exodus of Pincie Creek x WTCH Rex's Livin' On A Prayer)
Febuary 20, 2000
Blue Merle w/white, 1 blue eye

WTCH Westwind's Levi PATDs,c DNA-VP
(Hall of Fame WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP X HAll of Fame WTCH Wextwind's Windsong RTDs DNA-VP)
OFA Fair eyes checked clear
April 23, 2002
Black Bi

Rex Australian Shepherds
Carey, Leslie and Mathais Rechtzigel
our beginnings
Rex's  Sherman
(Westwind's Levi X Rex's Wannabeabelle)
eyes checked clear
OFA good
June 3, 2003
Red Bi

Sherman is now in Germany
Picture take by Dierdre Ryan.