Tribute to Bear
WTCH Bonito Azul Stock Market CDX
August 8,1987 - October 30,1996
You were our first Aussie and were taken way before your time.
You are still greatly missed.
You continue to live on in your pups and grandpups and even great grand pups.


A Champion of the working world,
an excellent companion was he.
Willing and able
and ready to please.
To his credit,
he was all of these.
A finer Aussie
it could be asked,
would ther ever be?

Karen MacDonald '96

A Cow Dog is a handy thing
Kinda nice to have around
Workin cows is easy
With a good dog on the ground

To make a Cow Dog useful
You have to start from scratch
You'll have to change the way you work
So the two of you will match

You're smarter, so it's you that must adapt
And let his instincts flow
Teach a few simple commands
Then back off and watch him go

"Get Back" and "Go Around"
and even "Come Behind"
Make those orders crystal clear
He sure can't read your mind

He'll be right there-when he's not needed
A-trying to help you out
Heck! Let him work-it'll keep him keen
No need to scream and shout

He'll forgive, if you get mad
and take it out on him
But your chances of finding a better friend
On this old earth are slim

He asks for nothing more
Than "Mat" his special kid
And mabe a laugh and pat
For something dumb he did

He always did his job
Though we never did insist
Thank You "bear- Bear" for all you did
You surely will be missed

Roy Sage '96

Our other Aussie waiting at Rainbow Bridge

Rex's That'll Do Pig STD s,d "Babe"
May 12,1996 - February 18, 1999
We miss you Babe or as Carey called you "Pig".